Pig Slaughtering Equipment
Automatic Low Voltage Stunning restrainer
(with integrated ride-on runway system)

Stuns pigs automatically with low voltage by frequency transformer device ; This method results an appearance of blood spot is less than 20% and PSE meat from the output is less than 1.5%
Capacity : up to 600 pigs/hr
Horizontal Bleeding Conveyor

While stunning procedure is on process, allows the carcass to bleed in horizontal position until it's rigid muscle is relaxed and get ready to be suspended with shackles
Automatic Linear Washing Machine

Cleans the bloodstains and contaminants from the body of carcass before dehairing
Vertical Scalding Plants
(Advanced Steam Condensastion System)

- Optiumum hygiene scalding method
- Engergy saving
- Consistant carcass quality
- Easy to clean
- No recirculation of the scalding water
- No re-occurence of contamination
   of carcasses
- No chemiacal agents required to prevent foam
U-Bar Continuous Dehairing Machine

This device dehairs the carcass and is composed of water tank. bristle transfer conveyor, stainless steel cleaning doors and 2 rollers with paddles
Singer Furnace

Burns off the remaining bristles on the carcass after the pigs are suspended into the singer furnace
White Offal Removing Line

Extracts the white offals and send them to white offal transferring trays
Red Offal Removing Line

Extracts the red offals and suspended with hooks
Carcass Splitting, Veterinary Inspection, Trimming and Classification

Splits, inspects, trims and classifies the carcass
Shock Freezing Tunnel, Chilling Room

After the meat passed through all the process then send it to the quick freezing tunnel to reduce the germ infection of surface of the meat and to prevent drying of the surface by quick-freezing(90 min.) of the skin of the meat.
Chilling room is storage of the meat.