Cutting & Deboning Production Equipment
Slicers for Fresh Boneless and Bone-In Meat

- Applications : Meets today’s demand
   for top quality parallel slices
- Merit : High yield, clean cut and ensures
- Belt Width : 400/600mm (400 or 600mm)
Membrane Skinner

- Applications : Designed for yield efficient
   skinning of a variety of meats including
   beef, veal, horse, pork, chicken, turkey
- Motor : 1.5 HP
- Work Width : 520, 600, 800, 1000mm
- Speed : 30m/min
Horizontal Slicer

- Applications : Meets the specific
   requirements for “With Grain” and
   horizontal slicing of many fresh boneless
   cuts of beef, pork, lamb, poultry and fish,
   producing slices as thin as 2mm
- Demensions : 1480WX1250LX1237H(mm)
- Infeed Demensions: 380W X 100H(mm)
- Minimum Pitch Available : 2mm
Automatic Skinners and Derinders

- Applications : Skins/derinds the full
   range of porks cuts
- Demensions : 900W X 1900L X 1100H(mm)
- Belt Speed : 22m/min

Fat Trimmers(Bettcher)

Allows perfect fat cover control with no red meat loss for portion cutting operations great for fat removal or contour shaping of beef rounds, strips, ribs, guarter or whole beef carcasses, briskets, heavy hams, or pork loins
X-Ray Inspection Machine(Dylog)

- Applications : Inspects injection syringes in the meat or contaminants in the products
- Inspectable Contaminants : Metal, Stone, Glass, High-density Plastic