Plants for Production of Pizza Chesse
Cylindrical Coagulator

The high quality of the product is assured thanks to the possibility of maturing the curd both in whey and dry without whey within the machine itself, at a controlled temperature and in perfectly hygienic conditions. Equipped CIP system ensures the highest sanitary standards
Stretching Machine

The rotary paddle that is typical of these machines is essential element to both dry and hard pasta for pizza-cheese its typically elastic and fibrous texture. These stretching machines can also be used together with dry salt dosing systems and carousel molding machines with high productivity levels. With piping and rotating washing tubines to be connected to an external CIP system and edges connectedwide curvature radius(3mm) thereby ensuring the greatest hygiene.
Moulding Machine

The moulding and pre-hardening units are used for the mass production of dry pasta filata for pizza-cheese During carousel the product is partially cooling by means of cold water sprays;
Typical moulding machines permit the correct outlet of the product thanks to the electronic control of feeder augers, with paralled longitudinal fibress. The framework made of AISI 304 stainless steel of 3mm.
Hardening and Brining Vat

1. The last component of the line is the hardening vat which collects and cools the
   product before packing
2. These are used when it is necessary to obtain a certain percentage of salt in the
   product as well as cooling
3. The product is automatically extrated at the end of the tank by means of a
   motorized belt
4. Framwork is with piping and rotary washing turbines to be connected to the external
   CIP system.