Flattening-Machine, Tenderizer, Cordon-Blue-Slicer

- Steaks, Schnitzel or other meat slices
   can be tenderized with this in a
   continuous process
- The tenderizers can be supplied with
   belt widths of 400, 600 and 900mm
Flattening Machine

- Meat slices for filled meat rolls can be
   flattened to any adjustable thickness
   from 3 to 40mm with this machine
- Fresh products with a products
   temperature of over 0℃ are flattened
   by the standard design.
- Very hard or colder products up to
   approx -4℃ can be processed by the
   heavy duty machine

- Pocket can be cut in steaks, schntizel
   or other products in a continuous
   process with this machine.
  The products are put on special transport
   belts operation from the top and bottom
   to a fixed kinfe.
- Equipped automatic opening device.