Slaughtering Equipment
Pig Slaughtering Equipment
Cattle Slaughtering Equipment
Slaughtering Tools
By-Product Treatment Equipment
Slaughter House Engineering & HACCP Approval
Cutting & Deboning Plant
Cutting & Deboning Plant
Cutting & Deboning Production Equipment
Meat Processing
Pre-Treatment Equipment for Raw Meat
Mechanically Structured Meat Production Equipment
Vaccum Stuffers & Double Clippers
Vaccum Tumblers & Curing Injectors
Equipment for Smoking and Cooling Process
Multi-purpose Dicer
Equipment for seasoned
    Meat Product
Machines for Sterilizing
    Preserved Food
High Pressure Retorts (Reserved Food)
Second Sterilizer for Meat Products (Continuous Style)
X-Ray Inspection
Bag in Box, Matelizzed Pouches, Tray and Carton Applicaton, Bulk Product
Class Jars, Bottles, Cans, Brik Packs, Other Rigid Containers
Plants for Production
    of Pasta Filata Chesse
Plants for Production
    of Frozen Food
Flattening-Machine, Tenderizer, Cordon-Blue-Slicer
Flattening-Machine, Tenderizer.
Hygiene & HACCP-
    related Equipement
Entrance Hygiene Equipment
Cleaners & Sterilizers
Compact Unit for the Optimal Hygiene